Thought I'd show some other
random work I have done.

Work Sucks 185K   Work Sucks colour 281K

I was at work when I thought up this short story; sometimes it's so boring it hurts. Originally the idea was to have the coloured version as the finished story but I thought the plain one works well too.

Godess 94K

I was doodling one night and this was the end result. Itís not part of a story or anything it just sort of appeared.

Zombie Picture 128K

This was the first picture I did for the story that is Zombie World. I hadn't settled on a name at the time which is why it is called something else.

Jimi Hendrix 201K

I got in one night and started to draw Jimi from the cover of one of his CDís, the black and white one is the original [bottom left]. From there I then started to play about if it on the Mac and the above collection is the finished result.

Nuited Space Relics 01 100K

This is one of the other projects I'm working on, we shall see what happens to it. I'm not sure I have settled on the characters yet though, much work to do!

Flyer for Fat Cat Comics 156K   Heads 56K

On the left is a flyer I did to promote my website. And on the right is some unused art work for a rejected idea.

Mock up Page 00 72K   Mock up Page 01 80K

These are two mock up comic pages I did to try out different stiles. You can't go wrong with giant robots, always good. Rock monsters too, just like giant robots. Do you see a theme?