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I hope you like the different comics I have to show here. The site is just a collection of the stuff I have made over the years and as getting published is no mean feat I though this might be the best way to let people see my work. Although I draw comics for my own amusement, it does seem a bit pointless if no-one reads them!

Most of the storys are complete and free to view, but please remember that all content on the site is the copyright of Bennet Aldous. So it is not for selling, distributing or printing with out my consent. If you wish to get in touch with me my email address is:bennet.aldous1@homecall.co.uk. Fat Cat in sun Please try to be nice though, I can live with out the help of emails telling me "U R sh*t, dude!". I also hope I have not offended anybody with the contents of this site. That is not my aim at all, I just wish to entertain and tell stories with pictures.

Although it has got a bit heavy at the end of this introduction please look at the comics and have fun!